Czapka ochronna antyskalp CleanCap higiena/spoż. - Sklep

Czapka ochronna antyskalp CleanCap higiena/spoż.
  • Czapka ochronna antyskalp CleanCap higiena/spoż.
  • Czapka ochronna antyskalp CleanCap higiena/spoż.
  • Czapka ochronna antyskalp CleanCap higiena/spoż.
  • Czapka ochronna antyskalp CleanCap higiena/spoż.

Czapka ochronna antyskalp CleanCap higiena/spoż.

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The new CleanCap™ is another major innovation from JSP in head protection design. Designed to exceed the most recent standards, EN812:1997+2001, years of thought and design iterations have been undertaken to develop a product that is unrivalled in both performance and style. Sleek and low profile, it's almost impossible to distinguish from a standard 'high street' baseball cap. CleanCap™ is part of our popular HardCap A+™ range.

The CleanCap™ is designed as a safeguard to accidental bumping/scraping in a hygiene aware environment. The detachable hairnet is specially designed for the food industry with a metal loop to avoid accidental processing by making it detectable. It is also made from a soft material to increase comfort. It is also made from a stain resistant material that is waterproof and wipe-able to avoid contamination and allow easy cleaning.

The unique angled adjuster designed to fit under the occipital bone at the rear of the skull means that one size really does fit all, particularly when combined with the castellated protective liner. The liner is removable, therefore the cap part is machine-washable for hygiene purposes. It has a Terrytowelling sweatband for added comfort and all colour-ways have subtle reflective piping for added visibility safety.

Reflective Piping
Reflective piping on all models adds extra visibility and therefore safety in all working environments.

Extra holes in the liner plus the two mesh panels on the outer mean added ventilation for coolness and comfort.

Unique Adjuster
Unique one-handed angled adjuster to quickly fit, giving true one size fits all. Sizing ranges from 53cm to 63cm headsize.

All Round Protection
The protective liner is removable, so the outer cap is fully washable for hygiene purposes and extended life cycle.

Sweat Band
Terry towelling sweatband adds comfort and absorption for the wearer.

Low Profile Design
Ultra sleek low profile design means the HardCap A1+ is almost indistinguishable from a high street 'fashion' baseball cap.


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